I'm a UX Research and Design consultant based in NYC. 

Along with my own consulting projects, I work with Motivate Design, a boutique UX agency. Recently, I’ve worked with Chick-Fil-A to redesign their internal training software and Mediacom to redesign and integrate their WiFi Management experience. 

I'm open to partnership and full-time opportunities!



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Internal Tool Redesign

My Role: Lead researcher & designer

Problem: Team members were resistant to utilizing their powerful, custom-built analytics tool, citing clunky and unintuitive functions

Approach: I spoke with team members to surface the most important ways team members access data and studied the existing product to identify opportunities to update and simplify the interface and information architecture

Solution: I redesigned the overall experience with the new tool, such as the information architecture and look and feel, as well as streamlined core workflows, especially focusing on filtering for key tasks

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Reservation Feature Integration


Feature integration DESIGN

My Role: Lead researcher and designer

Problem: Building managers claimed manually managing reservations of building amenities was inefficient and costly

Approach: I sought to understand all components of managing reservations, via user interviews, to design a digital tool that streamlines the process and is easy to use

Solution: I designed/tested a ready-to-develop “Amenities” feature for the current platform where managers can: manage listings, manage reservations, as well as charge for reservations and track transactions

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Impact-Driven News App Design


Anti-Fake News App Design

My Role: Researcher and designer

Problem: With the rise of fake news, our team wondered how might we instill confidence in users reading news on Facebook

Approach: I leveraged user interviews and usability tests to understand how news is currently consumed and then how to design the best reading experience on Facebook

Solution: A news aggregator app, connected to a user’s Facebook account, with fact checking scores and each organization's political bias